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We are a metaverse focused content creation and experiential

project that aims to create a metaverse for everyone.

Bringing cultural diversity to the Metaverse

Our Projects

MURA Beauty

Fatima Pouf_008_edited.jpg

Mura Beauty is a metaverse beauty brand that specializes in culturally, diverse digital wearables. We believe that beauty should be inclusive, and our virtual beauty products reflect that. Our virtual wearables are designed to be worn by avatars of all cultures and backgrounds, and we strive to create products that are both authentic and respectful of different cultures.

Mura Home is a sister project to Mura Beauty that offers virtual decor and interactive items that reflects the richness and variety of different cultures. 


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The Pillars of Muraverse


The Mura Effect

Through creating 3D content and wearables
which centers around cultural diversity, we are building a Metaverse that

is for everyone.



Building and expanding community through partnerships, co-creation,

and experience activations. 



Through education, we aim to breakdown the stigma of the Metaverse by presenting the various, exciting opportunities that exist within this space. 

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